Olio De Nardi Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

Olio De Nardi's Extra-Virgin olive oil comes from a small, family-run 2-acre olive orchard in Winters, CA.  Started in 2004, the site was hand-planted with the Italian varietals of frantoio, maurino, leccino and pendolino.  At harvest time, the olives are hand-picked, sorted and milled locally within 25 miles.  During the Winter months, natural fertilization is utilized, and weed abatement is controlled with a combination of mowing, hoeing and mulching.  A drip-irrigation system, powered by PV solar arrays maximizes watering efficiency, which is done in the early morning hours to minimize evaporation.  At Olio De Nardi, we take pride in the exceptional quality of our oil. 


8349 Olive School Lane, Winters, CA 95694


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