Refill/Reuse Program

The most frequent question we've received concerning our ceramic bottles is, "Can you refill my bottle? I don't want to throw it away!".   We listened and now, beginning in Jan. 2018, you will be able to refill your bottle at a discounted price ($25), by either bringing it to Olio De Nardi, or waiting for one of our onsite refilling days (date/time TBD).  

NOTE: The refill/reuse program is only for local customers who are able to visit the Olio De Nardi orchard, or who live in the greater Sacramento region and Bay Area.  The program is only for our ceramic bottle, and not the 375ml or 500ml bottles. 


The ceramic bottle is dishwasher-safe, so we recommend removing the pour spout, and placing the bottle upside down in the dishwasher.  The pour spout can be rinsed in hot water, or put in the utensil basket of your dishwasher.  

We will not be able to exchange the bottle for a new one, so please take proper care of cleaning your bottle.