Fattoria De Nardi

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The Orchard

The Olio De Nardi olive orchard sits on 5.5 acres outside of Winters CA, encompassing nearly 400 olive trees.  The initial planting began in 2004, with more plantings added throughout the years.  The orchard is comprised of mostly Tuscan varietals: Frantoio, Maurino, Leccino, Pendolino and Taggiasca.  

When the property was purchased in 2002, there was neither water nor electricity.  A well, powered by solar PV arrays, was installed in 2004.  The panels are still in use today and provide enough power to provide all the water necessary for the orchard, the house and surrounding landscape. 

The orchard is farmed organically, using cover crop (vetch, flax) for soil enrichment, drip irrigation and micro sprinklers for watering efficiency, and tractor mowing and old-fashioned hand hoeing for weed abatement.  Pruning is an ongoing process in the orchard, both for managing tree size to enable hand-harvesting, as well as for controlling pests by opening up the canopy to allow for ample light penetration.  The steep hillside slopes require the trees to be topped so ladders aren't required at harvest time.  During October, the fruit is hand-picked using nets and shoulder baskets, sorted for quality control, and brought to a nearby mill for processing. 

Our oil goes through a single racking process to clear off sediment, then is stored in air-tight containers, topped with inert gas, and bottled on-demand.   With our reuse-refill program, customers can bring in their empty ceramic bottles for refilling onsite, or at designated refilling days at various locations around Sacramento and the Bay Area.  

We hope you enjoy our oil as much as we've enjoyed bringing it to you!