For the past month, I've been taking daily walks through the orchard to assess the maturity of the olives, which gives me some insight when to actually harvest the olives.  There's a peak picking window of about three weeks, where if you're able to harvest during this optimal period, you're maximizing oil quantity in the fruit, maximizing polyphenols and getting that robust, spicy flavor profile that defines the tuscan EVO profile. 

This past week, Sofie and I traveled to New Orleans.  Sofie had a work conference, and I tagged along for my first trip to NOLA.  I was amazed by the genuine friendliness of the locals, the very laid-back vibe of city, the gorgeous architecture of the French Quarters, riding the oldest trolley in the US dating back to 1839 (St. Charles Line), eating local cuisine and listening to live music along Frenchman Street. 

It was on Frenchman Street one evening where I passed three men and a woman, sitting in chairs in front of small folding tables, with antique typewriters (well, they looked old!) and a sign reading "Pick a Subject, Get a Poem".  Randomly, I selected this guy named David to write me a poem. "So, what's your topic?", asked David.  "Olive oil", I replied.  He scratched his head, sat there in silence for a while, then asked me a few questions.  A few minutes later, the "peck peck peck" of the typewriter began, then stopped.  It started again, then stopped.  A few more questions.  Fifteen minutes later, David pulls out the neatly typed paper and hands it to me. 

Here is David's poem, on olive oil. 

Thank you David for reminding me that I'm doing what I love, no matter how hard, tedious and unpredictable the farming life may be.