For our new 500ml ceramic bottle, we wanted a unique, permanent logo that would compliment the matte black color of the bottle.  Tapping my good friend Rick Pepper at, he suggested trying to etch the logo using his laser machine.  The challenge came in finessing the laser to etch evenly over a curved surface.  With millimeter nudges here and there and a few hours of testing, the machine coordinates were locked in.  Each bottle was manually placed into the laser box, with a total laser etching time of about 1 minute per bottle.  The color was achieved by having the laser remove the top layer of black glaze and reaching the natural color of the ceramic material.   The result: a permanent logo, that won't peel, deteriorate, or fade in time.  

Rick uses his laser machine to craft elegant personal ID tags, using high-grade titanium.  He's able to etch individual contact information on one side (emergency contact, address, etc) and what's more remarkable, add color logos and designs on the backside.  It's really amazing what he's doing with this technology.  Check out the Crashtag product at